Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL)


Person in wheelchair using laptop computer

the statewide association for Illinois’ 22 Centers for Independent Living (CILs). CILs are non-residential, cross-disability, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations, led and staffed primarily by persons with disabilities.

CILs exist to help people with disabilities achieve maximum independence in work, school, housing and every other part of life. CILs are driven by the philosophy that people with disabilities have the right and the responsibility to make choices to control the direction of their lives and participate fully and equally in their communities.

All CILs provide, at a minimum:

  • Peer Support (Organizing social activities and meetings for a wide variety of disability categories)
  • Information and Referral (Helping people get the information they need to live independently)
  • Individual and Systems Advocacy (Speaking out to pursue personal rights and in policy change)
  • Independent Living Skills Training (Education on the many elements for a successful life in the community)
  • Transition Support (Bridging high school to college and/or work, and from institutionalization to independence)


As the association for CILs, we advocate for independence, inclusion, equal opportunity and civil rights in every arena – and we serve as an authoritative source on many critical issues facing the disability community.

INCIL facilitates collaboration, growth and professional development for the staff and boards of Illinois’ CILs. We also provide related training and education throughout the state.

Illinois is home to:

  • 22 Centers for Independent Living
  • 17 satellite CIL offices

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