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Lawmakers’ commitment to community living evaluated in new report

The Illinois Parents of Adults with Developmental Disabilities (IPADD), a nonprofit, volunteer-led advocacy organization, today released their 2017 Community Living Report, which evaluates every member of the Illinois General Assembly, and the Governor based on their support or opposition to ten new state laws.

IPADD believes “every person with a developmental disability, supported appropriately, can live a safe, meaningful, and connected life in their home community. The group outlines three key goals for Illinois government, which include:

  1. “Commit immediately to raising the state fiscal investment in Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) from our current rank of 46th in the nation…
  2. Shorten, and eventually eliminate, the PUNS (Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services) waiting list…
  3. Make equitable rate adjustments for community services across regions, settings, and HCBS waivers…”

IPADD’s mission is to provide Illinois parents, self-advocates, adult siblings, and others who care about adults with developmental disabilities a dedicated online platform for networking, information, advocacy, and support.

Kudos to the parent volunteers of IPADD for their commitment to independent living and for their important work to make Illinois a better state for all people with disabilities!

Click here to download or view the full report.

Cover of IPADD Community Living Report 2017