RAMP Executive Director Julie Bosma Holds Press Conference

Human Services Demand that the Governor and Legislators DO their jobs!

Thank you Rep Wallace for calling for this press conference today.  I know that you know what is shared today will not be pleasant for you to hear and yet you have the courage not to censor us and I commend you for that.  Honestly, I believe our local legislators are somewhat caught in a difficult tug of war not of their own making.

When I sat down to plan what I was going to say, I realized in my gut that I believed it really did not matter what I said, nothing would make a difference.

This press conference is just one of I suspect hundreds that have occurred across the state imploring the Governor and the legislators to stop the budget impasse.  No matter what bill is being fought for or what the budget of the month is, nothing ever comes of it.

On February 10, 2016, our own President came to town just to address this problem and said to you all as a collective, “Rather than accept the notion that compromise is a sellout to one side, we’ve got to insist on the opposite – that it can be a genuine victory that means progress for ALL sides.”

Our state capital has become no more than a school yard playground with our most seasoned and high ranking legislators bullying one another with words and accusations as if they were sticks and stones. You have your hands over your ears and you are humming like children so that you cannot hear what the other is saying.  The problem is you can’t hear us either!

Gov Rauner and Speaker Madigan, do you honestly believe you are sticking to your ideals and doing what is best for this state by dragging out this budget crisis?  Let’s look at what you are accomplishing shall we?

Illinois can now boast junk bond status and the lowest credit rating of all 50 states. Your own citizens who own businesses and are supposed to be living the American Dream are not getting paid and are defaulting on their business loans and home mortgages.  Federal funds that are earmarked for our state are being sent back because of the lack of matching dollars.

Nice going guys, job well done!

Are you both just bound and determined to be the winner in this childish game of chicken while you allow the state you pledged on oath to protect, fall into deeper debt and disarray?

Gov Rauner, do your job!  Be the leader of this state as our Governor.  You chose to wage a campaign and spent millions of your own dollars to get the job, but now this state is wondering why?  Less than two years ago you pledged to serve and protect this great state and yet we are worse off today than when you began. I hold you responsible for this mess.

Speaker Madigan, do your job!  You have been speaker of the House for over 30 years and yet you still do not understand how to work with both sides of the aisle to pass a budget that not only supports Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens but also moves us towards a balanced budget.  I also hold you responsible for this mess.

House and Senate members, do your jobs!  Do not just go along with your leaders if you do not align with their thinking and tactics.  Demand collaboration and communication and a solution.  Be tenacious and formidable and relentless until they sit down together and work for a common resolution.  I also hold you responsible for this mess.

The people of this great state are disgusted and frustrated and deflated!  Our Universities are begging you to work together.  Our hospitals are begging you to work together.  Our human services are begging you to work together.  And for those without a voice, we are begging you to work together on their behalf.  For our children, for our seniors, for individuals with disabilities, work together.

We did not elect you to fight each other, but to fight for us!  We did not elect you to protect your own interests, but to protect ours!  We did not elect you to create conflicts, but to create unity for us!

Legislators, Democrats and Republicans, Senators and Representatives, Governor Rauner and Speaker Madigan, do your jobs and pass a budget!

Prepared Remarks by Julie Bosma, Executive Director, RAMP, June 16, 2016

Press Conference Hosted by Rep. Wallace and RAMP, 202 Market St.

Contacts: Julie Bosma or Eric Brown, (815) 968-7467