Federal Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman

INCIL Statement on Ligas order

“INCIL applauds U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman’s order requiring state government to chart a course for full compliance with the 2011 Ligas Consent Decree. People with developmental disabilities who live in Intermediate Care Facilities and Community Integrated Living Arrangements deserve the promise of personally fulfilling and productive lives that Ligas affords.

We admire the persistent effort of Equip for Equality’s Barry Taylor, Laura Miller and Amanda Antholt; ACLU of Illinois’ Benjamin Wolf and court-appointed monitor Ronnie Cohn, and all those whose hard work made this order possible.

We enthusiastically support (and stand ready to assist with) Judge Coleman’s crucial request that State officials resurrect a dormant working group designed to maximize integration and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities.

Finally, we hope an aggressive timetable for action is developed so that partners across Illinois can rapidly and responsibly transition more people out of institutions and into the community.”

–INCIL Executive Director Ryan Croke

 INCIL is a statewide association that represents Illinois’ 22 Centers for Independent Living and advocates for more than two million Illinois residents estimated to have a disability


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